Saturday, August 7, 2010

Coupons, Poptarts, and Elvis

You are probably wondering what these three things have in common. Or you may not care one bit. Who is "you" anyway? Hello? Is anyone out there. Ok, moving on...

I have bought in to the idea of couponing. It can save a lot of money if done appropriately. I'm no coupon queen. I haven't calculated it but I'd say I average around 35-40% savings on groceries. It's exciting when you have those weeks when the savings are over 50%.

I love poptarts. I have been eating poptarts for breakfast as long as I can remember. Yeah, not the healthiest option out there. I used to only eat strawberry poptarts. These days I like cherry, smores, blueberry, and brown sugar cinnamon. I liked the ones with extra fiber but they don't come in the 12ct boxes.

Anyway, I've been without poptarts for several months now. They don't go on sale much and their aren't many coupons for them. But recently Albertson's stepped in to bring poptarts back into my morning routine.

Albertson's ran a Kellogg's sale.
10 items (cereal, poptarts, cereal bars) for $30
$10 off instantly at checkout (=$20) and
$10 back for your next purchase (=$10) and
I happened to have 3 - $1 off 2 boxes of Poptarts and
2 - $1 off 2 boxes of Nutrigrain bars (=$5)

I scored 6 - 12ct boxes of Poptarts and 4 - boxes of Nutrigrain bars for $5. That's $0.50 a box! For 12ct boxes! An 8ct box is usually close to $2 alone. Let me just say, I was excited.

In comes Elvis. Poptarts is currently running a promotion. If you purchase 5 different flavors and enter the codes on their website you can choose a prize. One of the prizes is a movie pass with a value up to $12.

The very night I bought the poptarts was the one night showing of Elvis on Tour: 75th Anniversary Special. It cost $12.50 ea but I knew Will would really love to see it and I'm all about getting the full value of my prize!

Unfortunatley we had a little hiccup at the theater and ended up having to pay for both of our tickets. I was unhappy and later pushed the issue with the manager. To make up for the problem he gave us two complimentary tickets for another movie of our choice. Always ask! It wasn't fun but I wasn't going to allow them to get away with the way they treated us and handled the situation.

Tonight we're going to go use our tickets to see Inception. I'm not sure if I'm going to like it, but it's FREE!

To recap all that blabbering. I'm stocked up on breakfast foods and we got a pair of movie tickets...all for $5. I'd say that worked out well.


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