Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Follower to Fellow

Hello blogosphere,

I have been a blog follower stalker for quite some time now. I follow blogs about couponing, crafting, decorating, cooking, photography, and family. Some blogs I follow are of people I know, some I know through someone else, but many most are complete strangers. As I have taken up some of the things I read about in the blogosphere my husband has encouraged me to start my own blog to record my adventures (often misadventures). Well, I finally decided that today's the day to become a fellow blogger.

In doing so, I have no expectation of inspiring others to coupon, craft, cook, or the like, as other blogs have done for me. I know very little about these subjects. My goal is simply to record life with its ups and downs, victories, defeats, joys and sorrows. If some take interest or find understanding here I will be pleased, but it is not expected.

My husband and I just celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary. I am amazed at how quickly it seems this year has passed. I also look back on the several years worth of life changes that have occured in this short time. Much of what has happened I have no written record of. I want to pen these memories while they are still fresh so we will have them for years to come. Previous journaling attempts have been less than stellar so I hope this format will be more suitable.

I expect that this last year will not be the only one in which we move, start a new job, pursue new education goals, make new friends, travel, have cooking disasters, etc. But no matter how life changes this blog will be with me here, there, and everywhere.

So...here goes nothing.

Will you join me here, there, and everywhere?

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