Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas for "our kids"

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Operation Christmas Child is a ministry coordinated by Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse.  The project involves packing shoe boxes with small toys, school supplies and toiletry items for children in need around the world.  I don't recall how I first learned about this ministry, but I have loved it ever since.   I've participated for about four years now.  In 2008 they initiated a bar code system that allowed you to find out the destination of your box.  Mine went to Indonesia.  Sadly, I did not participate last year, and I really missed it.  This year there was no way I was going to miss it.  I've been collecting items for months. 

The other day, as I was wrapping the boxes and finishing up the packing, Will asked me, "So, what are our kids getting for Christmas this year?".  This comment warmed my heart and made me smile, because that is exactly how I feel.  For this year, the children that receive these boxes are our kids.  They are part of our family and it is our prayer that through this ministry they will come to know our heavenly father and we will become brothers and sisters in Christ.  For the first time this year I included a little note and a picture of us in each of the boxes.  I even put our address.  It's not guaranteed, but how neat would it be to receive a note from the children that receive these boxes?!  At the very least I'll get to know where they went. 

So, without further ado, here's what our kids got for Christmas.

2-4yo boy

5-9yo girl
10-14yo girl

A few stuffed toys got added to the final product.
Quite different from the type of Christmas' we're used to here in the US.  I just hope this box will bring a smile to a child's face and a little joy into their day.

I'll let you know when I find out where they end up.


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