Monday, November 1, 2010

A not so spooky, but very cheesy Halloween

15 - crockpots
11 - 1 gallon cans of condensed cheese product
4 - 1 gallon cans of chili
3 - 64 oz jars of jalapenos
16 - 3lb bags of tortilla chips
~250 servings of sub par, artery clogging nachos

After spending all of yesterday afternoon and evening up to our elbows in this soup of food dye posing as cheese, I am completely turned off of the stuff.
The youth choir sold nachos at our churchs' Halloween alternative, Festival 31, as a fundraiser for their summer trip.  It was a kick in the pants after an already abnormally long, somewhat stressful week.  It reminded me again of why I chose not to work in fast food with a lot of my friends as a teen.  Food service is hard work. 

A few things I learned last night:
Texans like it hot...these people can eat some jalapenos
Crockpot liners - our saving grace of the night.  Use them!  These things are ingenious. 
People don't eat chili when it's 80 degrees.
Get roasted corn first thing, unless you want to stand in line for 20 minutes or risk them running out.


Being responsible for the food booth, we didn't try to dress up this year, nor was I able to take any pictures of all those who did. 
The biggest tragedy of Halloween this year - I did not have a single piece of candy!  How can this be?  Oh yeah, 250 servings of nachos in 3hrs!
I'm thinking I need to remedy this asap. 


The extent of our spooky activity for the weekend involved watching this...

File:Great pumpkin charlie brown title card.jpg

and this....

Yeah, pretty innocuous. 

Will grew up watching Beauty and the Beast on Halloween instead of trick or treating.  With the new release of the movie this year, it was only appropriate we continue the tradition.  This is definitely one of the best of the Disney princess movies.  The music is amazing.  I couldn't help but sing along.  Paying about $7 for the Blu-ray & DVD combo pack after coupons and mail-in-rebate made it all the sweeter!

Speaking of Belle and Halloween...

Hoop skirt and all. 
Look at the makeup!

 But nothing quite compares to this pair!

That's the recap of our Halloween, and a quick look at Halloweens past.

I've already had a few thoughts about some possible costumes for next year.  As far as the food goes...I'm thinking Cotton Candy!  Spinning sugar must be easier than melting cheese, right?!   On second thought...

Until next time,


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