Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fridays with friends

Last Friday we made the next stop on our high school football tour.  The game of the week was Homecoming for the Spring Hill Panthers.  This game was a lot more exciting than the last one we watched.  The third quarter was one of the slowest and most uneventful I've seen, but they certainly made up for it in the fourth and then into OT.  The Panthers pulled out the 28-27 win in OT. 

We had some very interested, eager company this week.  Look at the intensity in their faces.  They loved having Will explain the plays and calls.  After meeting the punter at their school that day they were keeping a close eye on #9, "Spencer".  You would have thought he was their best friend.  It was really cute.

With no home games this week we took a break from our tour and went to dinner with some other friends from church.  We met up to eat at a restaurant downtown called the "Lil Thai House".  We've heard all about this place since moving here but had not yet had the opportunity to check it out ourselves.  Let me tell you, it lived up to everything we had heard about it.  From the one wok kitchen, to the shoebox of a dining area, to the long wait, to the great tasting food, it was exactly as I expected.  I had the cashew chicken with white rice, safe.  Will, on the other hand, had a Man v. Food style battle with the Wes Drunken Noodles with a 3 on the heat scale.  I think that is the spicest they make.  He drank about a gallon of water, dipped into my rice trying to get a break from the heat, and turned several shades of red, but in the end man won.  He said it was really good but he wouldn't get it that hot again...maybe a 1.5.  :)  Thanks Horne's for a fun night out.

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