Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas decor

We weren't home much to enjoy them, but we attempted a few decorations for a little more festive, seasonal feel.  These pics were taken early on in the process so I made a few changes and didn't capture everything, but you get the jist.  Elvis assisted in the trimming festivities; His vocal stylings, that is.  But blue wasn't in the color scheme this year.  Although, I imagine one day we may very well have a blue christmas...hopefully in color only and not spirit. 

Entry table

The nativity set I bought from last year.

I changed out the subway art to one with the names of God.

 As much as I enjoyed laying on the couch in a room lit only by the twinkling glow of the tree, hiding treats in our stockings, and wrapping presents in shiny paper and bows, I was more anxious than I expected to rid our small space of the extra clutter.  I held out for two days, but it all had to come down and we're pretty much back to normal.  Except I keep forgetting that wreath on the door...

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