Sunday, December 5, 2010

Musical Journey of 2010

Alright, let's dive into this.

Singing has always been a favorite pastime of mine, and being married to a Minister of Music I knew it would continue to be a significant part of my life. But music, well that's a different story. Whaaat? Yeah, singing "Desperado" along with Linda Rondstadt, "Achy Breaky Heart" with Billy Ray Cyrus, "Take Me Home, Country Roads" with John Denver, and "Greatest Love of All" with Whitney Houston, all on tape (can you say child of the 80s!), is a far cry from teaching music to a children's choir, learning notes and rhythms, playing an instrument, and singing four part harmony in a one hundred fifty voice choir. But again, thanks to the influence and encouragement of my husband, that's exactly what I am doing. Now I still don't "read" music, sometimes I confuse half notes and quarter notes, and I'm often very nervous on stage, but I've learned a lot and I'm enjoying the process. The following activities have added significantly to this process.
First up, teaching Praise Kids (Pre-K and Kindergarten choir). This one is close to my heart. It really hit me when I filled out my volunteer application for the children's ministry. It asked why I was interested in working with children and specifically with children's choir. My answer, I want to be a part of giving to these children what was given to me. It was through the ministry of children's choir and the movement of the Holy Spirit, that lead me to give my heart to Jesus at the age of six. The Lord has given me a heart for these kids and I want to impact their lives for Him so that they can impact the lives of those to come.
Our program this year was entitled, "The Thank You Meal". The kids did so well and I'm so glad to be part of this ministry.

My ten little munchkins on the end

1st - 6th grade choirs

Next in line, guitar lessons. I'm not quite sure how this came to be. Will is the director of our performing arts academy so I have a feeling he has something to do with it. I'm sensing a pattern. The things I get into following him around. :)

At first I wasn't sure my fingers were going to stick with this endeavor, but they have come through. I can now manage my way around a G, C, C2, D, Am, and Em chord. Getting from chord to chord (cough, playing a song, cough) is still a bit tricky at times, especially if it involves the F chord, but if you sing really slow and don't require it be in time, I'm your girl. If only I would practice. I know, I know, I'm working on it.

Also pictured, my pumpkin chocolate chip cake

Lastly, recording a Christmas CD, entitled Underneath the Tree, with our adult choir. Singing with a choir, especially a large choir, is a very unique, unifying experience. The impact is extended when singing corporately about a person, a relationship, a message we all believe in, that being the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Also, the leadership we are under (I'm slightly biased to one of them in particular) and the extremely talented sound engineer that recorded us made it a really fun time. Oh, and did I mention I had a solo on said CD. Yikes! And it's the title track. I never expected I would say that. It was an unexpected, nerve racking, lie awake in bed all night, pressure packed, tear inducing, humbling experience, but I grew from doing it and dare I say I might be willing to do it again, one day. That said, it is my sincere hope and prayer that the song not be about me, but that all the glory go to God.

This morning we completed the final 3 of 4 performances of some of the songs on the CD with an added drama, both on stage and through video.  It turned out really well and we're glad to have that behind us. 

So, with that, moving on...

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