Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Orleans Trip #3

So, I almost forgot I hadn't yet posted about our last trip to New Orleans.  It was our last trip of the semester and of course it fell immediately following Thanksgiving and immediately preceding our Christmas concerts at church...busy time.  Will had some really late nights leading up to the trip, so I got the unenviable privilege of driving...the entire myself...while Will slept.  Blah.  But we made it safely, and I promptly went to bed upon our arrival.

This was the first trip so far that I went without a plan.  I had no definite idea of what I wanted to do.  Boy, do I know how to fill some time.  I wore myself out for not having a plan. 

I found my way to the Longue Vue House and Gardens in Mid-City. 
After perusing the house and grounds for a couple hours I went to the French Quarter to do some shopping and get some pictures. 

Saturday, after class, we went to the Krewe of Kringle parade on Canal Street before riding the street car to the Garden district and doing some walking down Magazine Street. 

Here's our trip in pictures:

Longue Vue House
Built in 1939, a local landmark. 
Interesting mix of antiques from all over the world and modern art.
Beautiful grounds with several water features and gardens.

French Quarter
One of my favorites of the Cathedral...I love the blue carriage.
We might have to take a ride next time. 

My other fav.


Complete with: noble NOLA police on elegant horses...

...sharply dressed high school bands showing some moves...

...tiny dancers in Santa hats...


  ...tiny, frightened horses in reindeer antlers...

...Elvis, in a Santa suit, on a scooter...Of course...

...floats...with beads, beads, and more beads...

...and a float with a crawfish as the star.

There's nothing like a parade in NOLA.  You can't believe how excited people get over anything being thrown from a float.  We enjoyed another good trip.  We're so glad to be going to school in a cool city, with plenty to explore.  Merry Christmas, Nawlins.  See you in February.

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