Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Orleans.. the Background and Trip 1

A year ago, this weekend, Will took me on a getaway to New Orleans.  It was my first trip to "The Big Easy", and "easy" was exactly what we needed at that time.  Things at home were anything but, so the new scenery, cool air, and good food fit the bill.  To literally fit the bill, we stayed at the guest house at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. 

While there, Will expressed the feeling of a call to return to school and pursue his doctoral degree, but assured me it would not be at NOBTS. 

Fast forward about four months, we had hardly unpacked the last of the boxes from the move to our new home, and Will stumbled upon the new Doctor of Musical Arts degree at none other than New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  He was quickly excited by the format of the program (long distance) and the content of the program (hymnology and music ministry).   Next thing I know we're in a race against the clock to turn in his application before the deadline at the end of that month.  This process also included studying for and taking the GRE.  By May, and by God's design, Will had officially been accepted to the DMA program. 

Let me remind you we are now living three times further from New Orleans and three times closer to Fort Worth than we were before.  Will received his MM from Southwestern in Fort Worth and at one time we believed that is where he would return to do his doctoral studies. 

However, the Lord had other plans, and at the beginning of this month, almost a year after our getaway trip, we made the first trip to campus for the in class part of the program.  This was just the first of many trips we will be making to NOLA over the next four or so years. 

I completely support Will in this new adventure.  I am thrilled that he is able to follow through with his dream and the call God has placed on his life.  I know for sure there is no better time than the present.  But, it is not without sacrifice on both of our parts. 

Our free nights and weekends (I sound like a cell phone ad), which were already somewhat few and far between, are now consumed with reading, paper writing, and musical analysis.  The monthly trip expenses require we tighten down on our budget a little more.  We've had to put some other things on the back burner.  Already, there have been some late nights and a very early morning. 

But, as much sacrifice it requires at this time, it could very easily require significantly more if we were at a slightly different place in life.  So, I'm thankful, and I am thankful that at this time I am able to make the trips with Will. 

While he gives presentations, listens to lectures and studies these...

I get to explore the city.  A few of my favorite shots...

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