Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What would fall be without the...

To me, state fairs are just as synonymous with fall as cooler temperatures, falling leaves and pumpkins.  Growing up we were given a day out of school for the expressed purpose of going to the fair.  We have never been big into the rides or games.  There is just something nostalgic and exciting about the atmosphere.  I have many memories of trips to the Mid South Fair in Memphis.  It was through a trip to the fair where we saw some rabbits, that we convinced my mom we needed one as a pet.  It was at a concert at the fair that my mom severely sprained her ankle and had to be driven in a golf cart to our car.  It was at a trip to the fair that I almost cut off the circulation in my mom's arm while riding the double Ferris wheel.  It was at the fair that I won second place in the student art competition.   Of course, I also have plenty of food memories associated with the fair...corn dogs, chicken on a stick, roasted corn, kettle corn, chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick, pineapple whip, funnel cakes...I think I just put on 10lbs thinking about all that food.

But none of the food at the Mid South Fair quite measures up to the selections offered at the State Fair of Texas, aka...

We have been to the State Fair of Texas three times now.  While Will was in seminary in Fort Worth I would go visit for Fall Break and each time one of our activities was to drive to Dallas for the State Fair. 

2006:  We went on Sunday after church.  It was unexpectedly cool and rainy.  I was unprepared for the conditions and had to wear Will's hoodie.  I also tweaked my ankle that day and was walking around in pain most of the time.  This trip we had fried Coca-Cola, corn dogs, and Will had some kind of fried peanut butter and banana, in honor of our hometown boy, Elvis. 

Look at the cute college kids.

2007: We went immediately following Will picking me up from the airport.  The infamous story from this year involves a Nascar style tire changing competition at the car show in which yours truly beat Mr. Got tradition?.  Let me just say, I can operate a pneumatic nut driver.  If you see him, don't ask him about it.  It's still a touchy subject.  :)  This year we also ate, and ate, and ate.  I recall Will had fried guacamole, fried cookie dough, and obviously some corny dogs.  I'm pretty sure I'm leaving something out.

2010: This year we toured the food building, ate free samples, saw the chicken/fowl exhibit (there are some funny looking birds in this world), went to the car show, and the pig races.  Shock of all shocks, we decided to forgo this year's fried specialties (fried beer and fried Frito pie) and we enjoyed a slightly healthier, and definitely tastier, meal at Chipotle (a new found favorite). 

this year's butter sculpture

A good time was had by all.

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